Lumoin — collaborative circular economy

Data and investment infrastructure that scales from small to big

  • To circular business

    It has become apparent there is a need to innovate new sustainable and circular business models while also finding the sustainably investable and bankable projects amongst current opportunities and upscale the circular economy significantly. This requires a more integrated, collaborative approach between participants to reduce transaction costs and ensure decisions are made based on shared understanding besides the more usual derisking and price setting.

    We need universal sustainable and responsible investing in the broadest sense to leave the world as good as it were or even better when we were born. We need to invest in economy that is designed to produce no waste or pollution.

  • Circular business needs data

    All businesses need an auditable, repudiable set of data to function properly. We build an infrastructure for everyone to tokenize ESG data together with the more traditional due diligence data needed in decision making, operations and reporting so it is actionable, comparable, measurable and scientifically verifiable across dimensions.

    When there is a chance, also a stake, to participate broadly and there is tooling to remove obstacles on funding relevant investments, it becomes possible to form feedback loops on innovations that generate more and better (circular) investment opportunities and remove greenwashing. To save the world, measure it.

  • Circular investment

    We use blockchain as a coordination platform to build an investment interface that is uniform for both small and large investment efforts and that allows for tagging and tracking circular business opportunities and innovation.

    The world needs a bedrock of business-critical sustainability data and financial automation, but trying to set just a price on investments or derisk is not enough on markets that hardly exist. Aligned interests, shared data and coordination reduce the investment issuing and reporting costs and allow for more ambitious and innovative, cooperative financial approaches than is currently possible.

The team and the company

  • Veikko Eeva, chief executive officer of Lumoin.

    Veikko Eeva

    Chief Executive Officer

    Enterepeneur with a MSc of technology, background in computer science and software engineering and very interested in social matters. Full stack, AI and blockchains.

  • Maria Flygare, Legal and law, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, immaterial rights.

    Maria Flygare

    Chairman of the board

    Legal and law, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, immaterial rights.

  • M. M., image analysis and artificial intelligence.

    M. M.

    Image analysis and AI

    Image analysis and artificial intelligence, formally a PhD on the subject matter.

  • Carlo Pastoral, satellites, embedded and sensor systems and wireless communications.

    Carlo Pastoral

    The space connection

    Satellites, embedded and sensor systems and wireless communications.

  • Marck Camama, business materials of all sorts.

    Marck Camama

    Biz & UX

    Business materials of all sorts.

  • Someone we would like to have onboard.


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