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Humane circular prosperity

Tools for regenerative investment and relief

Climate change and
biodiversity loss are

Everyone is affected.

We need to learn to adapt and regenerate nature and our economies.


Creating circular finance

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Wealth for the billions: We should learn fast and learn well.

Lumoin is building collaboration protocol and tooling to create plug-and-play financing architecture. The purpose is a framework for systemic transition to circular economy. We work so it counts: wealth for the billions.

The core of the protocol is technical implementation that builds on regulations, standards and investment protocols work done by others. Everyone can create tools using the protocol and we think it is possible and mandatory to go beyond what regulations and treaties propose.

We want to make it possible to systematically prepare bankable regeneration and mitigation projects, turn waste and side-streams to valuable stock and finance capital intensive circular business models.

With fast, audible and permissionless method to record, link and exchange data with optional life-cycle assesment (LCA) data it becomes possible to cooperate over long periods of time between parties that do not usually cooperate. Using blockchain technology it becomes possible to reduce transaction costs in the financial network. This can be used to finance also capital intensive circular business models.

Data exchange on real world actions give us positive external information so many more can do due diligence and explicit risk-sharing. This way we can develop tools and methods to predict which science-based targets work locally and can be scaled globally. We can measure our actions to save the world.

Embracing the social need to adapt and change, emerging circular economy standards, sustainble finance regulation, blockchains and artificial intelligence new ideas and projects can be deployed at faster pace. This give us a change to regenerate nature and our future.

Circular finance

Circular protocol

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Information web to finance real economy.

The circular data protocol is based on a web of linked and signed circular economy documents using emerging web standards decentralized identifiers (DID) and verifiable credentials (VC) and related technical data exchange standards and optionally with blockchain technology to create tokenized financial assets.

The protocol will record material and energy flows as certificated stock. This way what is now waste and side-streams can be made competive on commodity markets as valuable raw materials and new usage scenarios researched and financed.

The protocol is agnostic and can make use of project finance investment protocols or project finance contract harmonization work done in European Union and elsewhere. In particular we think it should be possible to use evaluation methods to create impact financed projects schemes instead of plain compensation of "planting trees".

It supports capital intensive circular business models that may require methods such as securitization. Recording life-cycle assesment data as part of securitization process creates circular or green financial assets.

The protocol is open with low transaction costs so that also people on informal sector can to create and share prosperity. The protocol and tooling support EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy and the principles of urban metabolism: human collaboration, material and energy flows. Everyone can participate by linking documents with electronic signatures thus creating a web of life-cycle assesment data.

We work how it counts: digital technology and knwoledge creation to regenerate the real world we live in.

Circular economy protocol

Why does Lumoin exist?

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Everyday betterment and relief are really important for our transition to circular economy.

Climate change causes devastating heat waves, storms and water shortages. Loss of biodiversity cause extinction of species, loss of habitat that support our existence and brings grievous diseases. On the back of these, there is a rising wave of collective anger and anxiety. How can we change this?

Lumoin builds financial tools to create systematic capability to move us to circular economy and increase the quantity and accelerate the pace of adaptation projects. We build systems for everyone that allow manufacturing circular, green investment assets for people in real economy.

We can start mitigating climate change effects and regenerate nature even in current economy. Concrete betterment and prosperity give us hope and relief. We believe this is really important. What do you think?

Our story

We have only one planet!

Let's do this together.

Write us an email at hello@lumoin.com

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