Remove communication and coordination problems in built environment

Lumoin Community removes construction yard communication and coordination problems. But we are on a longer journey to build trust and relationships together with the whole value-chain: customers, the neighborhoods, real estate agencies, manufacturers and financial institutions.

We use blockchains, artificial intelligence, modern cryptography and environmental regulations to digitize the construction industry while also eliminating waste and build new, circular business models.

"We live in a world of 7.5 billion people, all seeking a good quality of life. This challenge, coupled with climate change, means our long-term prosperity depends on creating sustainable lifestyles for everyone."

Dr Alan Knight of ArcelorMittal

As is known, world population is concentrating in cities and built environment sustainability will have a great impact on environment. For instance, in the European Union the construction sector accounts for 42% of total energy (whole lifecycle of buildings), 35% of total greenhouse emissions, 50% of extracted materials and of 30 % of water consumption.

It also employs more than 12 million people and presents 10% of European gross-domestic product (GDP). Also construction and demolition waste accounts for approximately 25–30% of all waste arising in the EU.

But someone’s waste is someone’s resource, EU estimates 1% increase in resource efficiency alone would be worth as much as 23 billion euros and the McKinsey Centre for Business and Environment in 2015 identified a potential boost of €1.8 trillion to the EU economy by 2030.